Course content:

- daily: intensive vocal coaching with focus on vocal technique, interpretation and musical expression
- daily: rehearsal of vocal solos (3-5 works, in addition duets and ensembles from the chamber- and opera repertoire)
- internal concert among the participants at the end of the first week
- public concert at the end of the masterclass 



- duration of the master class: 10/02 - 10/14 2019
- 10/01 2019 is the day of arrival, 10/15 2019 is the day of departure 
- the timetable for lessons is posted daily before 9 a.m.
- one day is coursefree and can be used for an optional excursion
- final concert at the end of the course in the concert hall at the Real Casino in Santa-Cruz de Tenerife

prices:(without accommodation and meals)

- active participation, full time € 550 
- active participation, half time € 300
- passive participants € 150

offered accomodation

Participants are free to organize their own accomodation
The organization is happy to provide information on accommodation and meals